In this section, you will find publications related to the different projects carried out in Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo, as well as editorial projects where the foundation participates.


Social Media and Collective Action

Salvador Millaleo´s y Pablo Cárcamo´s research that analyses the ways in which digital activism initiatives are translated into collective actions. It is part of the project “Social media and civic impact: a new model of political legitimacy?” 


Digital Activism in Chile

As part of the project “Social media and civic impact: a new model of political legitimacy”, this essay from Salvador Millaleo and Patricio Velasco, reviews how the digital repertoires of relevant initiatives in digital activism related to Chile can be described.


Mediations of of the Political System facing Digital Activism

Salvador Millaleo´s and Pablo Cárcamo´s research on the perception of the political communications in social media. The text is part of the project “Social media and civic impact: a new model of political legitimacy?”


Citizens Report: #TuConstitución

Collects the experience of the project #TuConstitución, its methodology and more than 500 synthesis ideas from the citizenry. Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo, 2016


Books and Printed Documents

100 years of Light and Shadows

Publication the Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo launches thanks to the support of Fundación Vidanta and Taurus Publishers. The book is part of the project “The Chance of the Bicentenary. Judgements and Resemblances: 1910-2010″ that convenes Argentina, Colombia, Chile y México; countries that celebrated their Bicentenaries in year 2010.

The Century Awakes

This text quotes a conversation the writer Carlos Fuentes and Ricardo Lagos had by the end of 2011 in London, as from some questions asked by Juan Cruz, who performed as moderator and is the editor of the text. In this conversation, they address 17 topical issues which let the reader know how the writer and the politician think when they talk in a private sphere. 2012.

Chile 2030

Seven challenges and an equity imperative. Article by Ricardo Lagos about the strategic issues Chile needs to become a developed country by year 2030. Santiago de Chile, Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo, 2011.

The Chile to Come

Ideas, views, perspectives, and dreams for year 2030. Edited by Former President Ricardo Lagos and Oscar Landerretche. This book gathers the proposals of a group of distinguished professionals around seven strategic challenges. Catalonia Publishers, 201

Latin America and the World to Come

It gathers the columns Former President Ricardo Lagos has published during 4 years in the newspaper El Clarín, Buenos Aires, regarding Latin America, social inclusion, and other issues. Random House Mondadori Publishers, 2012.

My Life, from childhood to the fight against dictatorship

In this volume of his memories, the author goes through the first fifty years of his life, from his childhood in the republican Chile, surrounded mainly by women of his family, through his years at the Instituto Nacional which marked him deeply, his Law studies at the University of Chile, and the doctoral courses in Economy at Duke University where he lived the profound and gradual social transformation against the racial segregation which were a daily reality by those days.2013

Instead of Gloom

This publication is in Former President Ricardo Lagos’ train of thought, and is a call to make a halt to the general unrest and recover confidence to reach a national agreement that allows us to gain a more prosperous, sustainable and egalitarian country

The Southern Tiger: the Chilean road to democracy

Ricardo Lagos’s autobiographic book that describes the most important historic facts in Chile during the latest forty years. Taurus Publishers, 2012.


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