What is it about?

How do we channel citizen engagement in the information era? Is it possible to ask thousands of people their opinion to devise a new Constitution? How to rigorously and reliably process these contributions? Trying to answer these questions, in 2014 the #Tuconstitución was born.

With the support of Telefonica España, between march 2015 and January 2016, we collected citizens proposals through a digital platform that fostered every Chilean citizen’s participation, with no exception, in the generation of ideas regarding a new Fundamental Charter.

Thousands of contributions, opinions and suggestions were materialized in more than 500 synthesis ideas which were reflected, along with an extract of the original citizens’ opinions, in a Civic Report launched to the public opinion and to the highest authorities in the country in April 2016.

#TuConstitucion had a second stage #NuestraConstitucion which lasted until January 2017 where we sought to ponder the approval, divergences and rejection of each of the proposals arisen from this initiative.

Mission of the project

#TuConstitución has the mission to encourage engagement from all Chileans, with no exclusion, in the proposal of ideas that could be included in a new Constitution for Chile, regarding our rights and duties, the State’s structure, political regime, and their institutions and other issues of constitutional character.

In its second stage, the project sought to complement the personal visions and change from a ‘you’ to an ‘us’ attitude so that all of us define the convergences, and to legitimize the differences Chile has about the contents of a new Magna Carta.


Carlos Kaiser, ONG Inclusiva, Metropolitan Region

It seems to be a great initiative and necessary, because this is a project that comes to re-establish confidence in a process that, in honour of the truth, has separated us as Chileans.

Carolina Montecinos. Law student, Universidad de Chile, Metropolitan Region

I think this project is important, in order that as a community be able to contribute to the new project and make this to be something that really represents us all as Chileans.

Alberto Precht, Chile Transparente, Metropolitan Region

We like this to be an open invitation, with players with different feelings, with different ideologies, different stands, different sides… and from different organizations, like ours, that want to collaborate.

Javiera Rivera, law student, Universidad de Talca, Region of Maule

This platform seems very interesting to me, because it is necessary that this constitution be the result of the participation of everybody, since the one we currently have, was done behind closed doors.



8.532 independent ideas

590 synthesis ideas

2.5 million visualizations in Facebook

More than 100 civic organizations were contacted.

News about #TuConstitución



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