What is it about?

#VecinosConectados (Networked Neighbours). Who do we contact when the light on the street has been broken for weeks? How to report that garbage has not been collected for more than three days? These everyday situations that have direct impact 0n the quality of life of neighbours in any neighbourhood is what #NetworkedNeighbours is looking to solve.

The digital platform #NetworkedNeighbours enables citizens to report to their respective municipalities those everyday public issues and situations. In just one click neighbours can directly send to their municipalities their concerns, suggestions and problems they find in the municipal management of public space, and install an efficient and collaborative dialogue between both parties.

Ten municipalities are currently participating in this project of speeding up the participative municipal management of Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo, where the municipality improves its management and the neighbours are part of the solution.

Mission of the project

Networked Neighbours seeks to speed up the start-up of civic engagement projects within the municipalities. It is based on four principles: Participation, collaboration, transparency and innovation.


Foster a collaborative relationship between municipalities and citizens.

Encourage civic engagement where the public are an active part in the solution of their issues.

Develop abilities within the municipalities regarding the use of new technologies for participation.


Michael D. Kennedy

This initiative builds several local publics that stitch civic leaders and politicians, thus rearticulating theory and practice, and connecting intellectuals to the public.


Tools of civic reports have been spread worldwide during these latest years. Few are the ones that place emphasis in giving continuity to the impact the user records. This is the feature that makes #VecinosConectados an oasis in the desert of failures of this kind of “apps” or “webapps”.


10 municipalities implemented

1.233 reports received

31% of the reports correspond to traffic signs and red ligths

29% to garbage and debris

News about #VecinosConectados



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