What is it about?

The civic engagement & public libraries Project. Convinced that Public Libraries are bridges between communities and local governments, in 2014 with the support of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo dipped into the adventure of exploring new practices and learnings for civic engagement, where communities involve themselves in the demands of local interest through their libraries.

In the first years of the project, we have built a network of 14 municipalities in 7 regions, which are accompanied by a team from the Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo for the creation, start-up, and assessment of the innovative initiatives for local expansion and development, where authorities and citizens are mutually heard and commited to strive for the common good.

Mission of the project

Foster engagment of the general population through their public libraries to have influence in the decision-making process of their local governments.


Build a practice and teaching community to foster and support civic engagement.

Develop the ability to generate civic engagement in the municipalities, public libraries, and local community.

Encourage civic engagement through the participating public libraries.

Generate a set of experiences and learnings that could be replicated in other backgrounds.


Pablo Moreno (Coordinator for the Local Development Centre, Futrono, Region of Los Lagos)

Working with the Public Library and participating in this innovative project has allowed me to expand my vision in respect to the local development and what this involves.

Javiera Sepúlveda (Catholic Pastoral Counsellor in Perquenco, Region of Araucanía)

To be part of the Youth Council is a great chance I must profit from. This helps us to keep track of the reality of our commune and to participate in the decision making on matters that involve us as young people.

Carlos Cuadrado (Mayor of Huechuraba, Metropolitan Region)

Participatory work with neighbours from the library means to listen, support, and propose instances to improve their quality of life.

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