In Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo we know that we are not alone when facing  the challenges of looking for roads of  sustainable development, more participation and with greater levels of equity and social justice. With these purposes, we partner with civil society organizations,  agencies of cooporation, Universities, and the private sector, creating synergies for a more productive impact with our actions.

We are especially interested (not being limited to) in establishing partnerships for projects related to sustainable development, participation, and new technologies for the improvement of our democracies. If your organization is interested in sharing learning experiences or cooperation with our present or future projects, please write to: [email protected]


Partner Organizations

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ongoing 2014-2017.

Project: Civic Engagement & Public Libraries: Fostering the Relation between Citizens & Local Governments

  • Telefónica España, ongoing, 2015-2016:

Proyecto #TuConstitución and  #Nuestra Constitución.  Crowdsourcing initiative for the formulation of public policies.

  • Fundación Vive Chile (VTR), ongoing, 2015- 2016

Project for the production and dissemination of civic engagement and decentralization initiatives in partnership work with the projects Bibliotecas para tu Acción Ciudadana and ElQuintoPoder.

  • UNESCO and Fundación Neruda, ongoing 2013-2016

Initiative that seeks to encourage the creative development of poetry in the educative scope, supporting writings of emerging authors and fostering reading of local writers.

  • International Development Research Centre (Canada), completed, 2012-2014.

Project: “Social Media and civic impact: a new model of political legitimacy?”


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